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GiftedforGood makes it incredibly easy to raise money online for the things that matter to you most. In less than a minute, you'll be able to personalize your fundraising campaign and share it with the people in your life. In fact, over $3 Billion has been raised by GiftedforGood users just like you.

With GiftedforGood, the money you collect goes directly to you. There are no deadlines or limits - each donation you receive is yours to keep. Raising money for yourself or a loved one has never been easier. Plus, we're here to help. GiftedforGood will respond to your emails within 5 minutes during the day.

Receiving Donations

No, never. Other sites might charge your donors without you knowing it, but we would never do that. Donors are charged only the amount they choose to donate to you and that's it.

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