Gifted For Good helps fund all that will have a positive impact on humanity. What differentiates us is the fact that all fund raising toward your dollar amount target number is invisible until the "miracle minute" date. When that hits, within 1-minute you will see your funds climb until it hits your number or falls short. If your raise exceeds the dollar amount your were seeking, that excess money is passed on to the next member’s raise, thus paying it forward in alignment with our communities giving spirit. And yes, if you fall short, excess dollars raised from others may help you get there.


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Do you want to see a happier, hug-filled world? Then please help implement Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in USA classrooms so ALL children will thrive in the 21st century. Social Emotional Learning is the empowering skill children need to make them unshakeable in the world! PLEASE DONATE TODAY!

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